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Naturally Nurturing Wellness Center is a mother/daughter owned and operated business started in 2004, with a simple soap making company.  Since then Jane Bramstedt has graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with a certification as a holistic healthcare practitioner.  Jessica Bramstedt, her daughter, has graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine with  a doctorate in naturopathic medicine.


Doctor Jessi specializes in:

  "She is amazing! Smart, concise,

  and always providing the best

  solutions. I love her!"


                                  - Linda     October 17, 2012


• Digestive Health

• Thyroid Disorders

• Pediatrics

• Anxiety and Depression

• Women's and Men's Health

She believes in treating the cause of your illness rather than just masking the symptoms.


You can begin the process of understanding, believing, and listening to your body's request for attention. Dr. Bramstedt, along with the assistance of her medical staff, will teach you the signs within yourself that are signaling you to help and start the healing process. Natural medicine combined with conventional-modern medicine (if needed) won't overwork your bodies system.



Dr. Jessica Bramstedt N.D. with patient 2011

  "Thank you for being

  incredible. I love coming to

  you and always feel


  when I leave. Thank you for

  listening to my concerns

  and to what I need..."


              - Brycellyn     January 11, 2013


Our Staff

Dr. Jessica Bramstedt


Dr. Jessi is a licensed naturopathic medical doctor in the state of Arizona. She is licensed as a general family practitioner. Dr. Jessi received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in 2005 after receiving her Bachelors of Science in Biology and Environmental Chemistry from the College of Santa Fe.

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